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Hate The Look Of Clunky Speakers? What Are Your Best Audio Options?

17 May

If you’re tired of using closed captioning to make out the dialogue in your favorite television show or dealing with the tinny-sounding audio of your stereo while listening to music above a certain volume, you may be wondering about your surround sound options. While today’s speakers are smaller and higher-powered than ever before, many still […]

Your Employees Need Mobile Devices — Should They Use Their Own?

12 February

If you manage or own a company and have decided that your employees need mobile devices in order to more effectively do their work, especially if they are out of the office, you can choose between providing devices to the employees or having them use their own. Chances are that some of them are already […]

Reasons Your Business Should Switch To Laser Printers

22 December

Do you own your own business? Has your current inkjet printer started to break down? If you’re trying to decide whether to simply buy another inkjet or whether you should invest in a color laser multifunction printer, here are some advantages of purchasing a laser printer: Print brochures and flyers on demand: If you only have […]

Checking Pregnant Animals: How Veterinary Ultrasound Works And Differs From Human Ultrasound

30 October

Until very recently, ultrasound machines were only used on humans. Most of the time they are used to check cardiac issues and confirm healthy pregnancies in expectant mothers. Now, veterinary ultrasound machines have been developed and used to detect similar problems and conditions in animals. Some of the first animals to receive a veterinary ultrasound were […]

Looking For A Faster Internet Connection: Consider Fiber Optics

29 September

People looking for internet service have typically had several types from which to choose in the past: standard cable, DSL, satellite, and dial-up. More recently, a new type of service has come on the scene, with promising results. This technology, called fiber-optic internet or fiber-optic cable, is making significant inroads into the market. This article […]

When Will My Computer “Work Right” Again? 5 Questions For Computer Repair

06 August

When you take a computer in to a computer shop to be worked on, there are different things that you’re going to want to ask about, aside from just costs. If you’re looking into computer care, take a look at these issues to understand what you might need to deal with when you’re talking to […]

6 Fastest Growing Tech Jobs

29 June

With the growing number of startups and the rising popularity of smartphone apps, the internet and technology fields are booming again. New jobs that you may not have even heard about are being created, and other jobs are growing rapidly. Here are six tech jobs that are going to be in huge demand: 1. Software […]

What A Tech Geek Can Do With A Drone in Ten Minutes

22 May

If you are one of the people who orders that latest model of a cell phone, table or gaming system as soon as it is announced, you are probably biting at the bit to get a drone. You can visit a drone online store to browse your options and make a purchase. Of course, once […]

3 Ways To Save Money On Your New Business Telephone Installation

20 May

If you’re moving to a new office space, one of the first things you’ll need to set up is a new business telephone installation. But a telecom infrastructure can be expensive to devise, and it can be easy to go over budget. How can you save money on your business telecommunications without compromising on features […]